Removal of Wisdom Teeth/Surgical Extraction of Teeth

This is the most common type of surgery performed by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. Wisdom teeth are generally the final teeth to erupt within the mouth if they have enough space in the mouth to erupt at all.  Frequently, there is not adequate room in the mouth for these teeth to erupt and they can cause significant problems if left in place.  These problems include damage to neighboring teeth, pain, infection, formation of a cyst or tumor, etc.

Early removal of these teeth (during the teenage years) is generally recommended to avoid future problems.  Removal of the teeth at the proper time can greatly reduce the risk of surgical complications and make the postoperative course much easier for the patient.

In addition to wisdom teeth, a very common procedure we perform is removal of other teeth.

Your dentist may refer you for removal of a tooth or teeth which may be more difficult to remove and/or more easily performed under IV anesthesia which makes the procedure much more comfortable for you.